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Adventure WV

Center for Service and Learning Project: (100pts total)

This project consists of 2 components – the service-learning project and a reflection paper, which are worth a combined total of 100 points. Both components must be completed by Friday, Nov 1st (students who have not completed all requirements for both components will receive zero (0) points).

Service-Learning Project (50 points):
Students are required to complete a service-learning project (minimum of 3 hours) through iServe. For an overview and specific directions, click on: iServe Instructions for Adventure WV Students

  1. 1. Log on to
  2. Create your user account
  3. Use a unique username and password
  4. 4. Click “Search for Organizations” on the left side of the page, and search for “Adventure WV.” From there, click “View Opportunities” to see what opportunities are available.
  5. 5. Make sure to sign up for the opportunity you’re interested in!
  6. 6. After you complete your service hours you will need to report them in iServe. Log into your account at
  7. 7. Click on Report My Service
  8. 8. Fill out all information regarding your service
  9. 9. Be sure to pick Adventure WV as Reason for Service from the drop-down menu. If you fail to do so correctly, you may not get credit for completing the hours. Please read the choices carefully.
  10. 10. Once verified, the hours will be added to your logbook
  11. 11. If you need any help, please refer to the instruction document above first. If you still have a question or need guidance, feel free to request an appointment by e-mailing or by calling 304-293-8761. Be sure to let us know you are an Adventure WV student.
  12. 12. Have fun and explore new things during your service-learning placement!

Service-Learning Reflection Paper (50 points):
In addition to the service-learning project, students are required to complete a 1-page (1.5 line spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font) reflection on their service experience. This paper must be submitted via email to your instructor, no later than one week following the completion of your project.

If you need further assistance, please contact:
Shaw Hipsher
Graduate Assistant
Adventure WV
c: 704-502-8788

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