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volunteer needs

Once you've found a volunteer need you're interested in, you can easily respond to that opportunity through iServe.

Walk thru provided in this video

To respond to a need in iServe:

1.    Click the View Details button for the need to open the Need Response Form.

2.    Click on the Sign-up button. Complete applicable fields regarding your contact information, your days available, and any comments you may have. Note that these fields are not required; because you've already entered your name and email address, the organization manager has what they need to contact you. Note, if the organization manager has enabled this feature, you may also sign-up as a team if you are serving with a group. That will require establishing a team leader who will enter names and emails of other members.

3.    Click Submit Need Response.

4.    Once you've responded to the need, two emails will be sent automatically:

5.    One email goes to you, thanking you for responding to the need.

6.    A second email goes to the organization manager, providing them with your name and email address, and any additional information you've provided.

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