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Graduate Students

Social Action Showcase

Community engagement occurs on a spectrum, from one-time volunteer opportunities to deep social change, the Center for Service and Learning provides resources to engage in ways that are meaningful for your education and career path. 


Community service opportunities specifically seeking graduate students 

Serve on a nonprofit board of directors

Connect to Academics

ACE Grads

WVU student organization that seeks to connect interdisciplinary graduate students with interest in using community engagement in their teaching, research or practice

ACE Co-op

Opportunity for graduate fellows to maximize their service requirement, explore the field of Community Engaged Scholarship, and network with engaged faculty members and community leaders while further developing professional skills.

ACE Development Series

Workshops, speakers and events to enhance community engaged teaching or research


Take a graduate course to learn through service

Teach a course using service-learning pedagogy

Resources and Recognition

Social Action Clinics

Structured clinics for community-driven students with a desire to advance their passions and grassroots movements that addresses social issues centered on reform through guided assistance from a team of experts.


Internal and external awards exist to recognize graduate students who build community engagement into their work. The CSL shares calls for nominations and frequently nominates qualified candidates

Grad Student Engagement Award

ACE Newsletter

Stay up to date on community engagement at WVU as well as resources and research from the field or use this platform to share your own engagement story.

Connect with the Center for Service and Learning