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WVU students can participate in academic, credit-earning service-learning courses. The CS&L offers courses ranging from 1-6 academic credits and from 10-90 hours of service project work, as well as consults with faculty to develop service-learning enhancements in courses across many disciplines at WVU.

Service-learning coursese are offered across a wide variety of disciplines. If you would like the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn through making a community impact, consider signing up for a service-learning course.

For more information about service-learning, please visit our Service-Learning Courses page.


Whether the motivation is building resumes, adding to applications, major requirements, developing self awareness, or just for fun, WVU students are given guidance and opportunities for quality volunteer possibilities. The CS&L seeks students with all interests and majors, those involved in student organizations and clubs, those in residence halls and commuter students.

To create your personalized account, search for opportunities, and register to participate, visit iServe at


In order to showcase and spotlight the amazing opportunities available at West Virginia University, we host events throughout the year. Make a Difference Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Week of Engagement, and a Student Service Conference are those opportunities to learn about us and the community in which we all live.

For more information on special events, please visit our Events page.

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