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The MVP program provides student volunteers with the opportunity to engage in creative activities to address the various critical aspects of student volunteer develop,” as stated by one student,

“this training was the best training I’ve been to since being on campus and I could use this information in every aspect of my life.”

Students in this program will address obstacles; such as understanding what are their personal hurdles that interfere with student interest in volunteering and how to recognize their personal strengths and areas of needed development, which will enhance their volunteer experience. Members are also given the first look at volunteer needs in the Morgantown area and will be informed of upcoming service projects that fit their interests. 

The MVP participants will also have a unique opportunity to be trained in service-based workshops, such as; defining service within the community, differences between service and philanthropy, professionalism, and logistics of service. These interactive workshops will allow student volunteers to be better informed of community needs and experience a feeling of confidence in their service skills.


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