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Campus Partnership Program

The Center for Service and Learning at West Virginia University is committed connecting our campus and community through meaningful service and academic study. To achieve this, the CSL strives to guide partners in the development of service learning projects and volunteer opportunities.

Official campus partnership with the CSL offers many benefits that may include:

  • Personalized consultation for your division or campus unit about how civic engagement opportunities can enhance and support your mission and programs.
  • Continuous support and streamlined communication that reduces time needed to recruit, train, orient, and retain student volunteers.
  • The opportunity to post volunteer needs (both one-time and ongoing) in iServe, the Online Service Management System used at West Virginia University and managed by the CSL to recruit, place, and verify hours for student volunteers.
  • Connection to the greater community that potentially provides publicity for your events and initiatives, as well as opportunities for networking and involvement with your campus unit or division.
  • The CSL helps place volunteers where they are needed in our community. Official Community and Campus Partners with the CSL also benefit from service learning placements; large group volunteer projects (such as a “Day of Service”); listing and link from the CSL website; and priority support and promotion on campus.

Expectations of official campus partnerships with the CS&L:

  • Partners are asked to participate in occasional training and networking events to maximize success for projects and volunteer placements. Our Program Coordinator can discuss with you what ways are most convenient for you and your staff to do so. The focus for partner training and orientation is to provide clear and sustainable communications that offer convenience and practicality for partners.
  • Partners are expected to maintain iServe volunteer postings, providing accurate and up-to-date information. Good communication is also expected with students and the CSL to help the placement process run smoothly for all involved.
  • Approval or denial of service hours submitted by students is expected to be completed within 3 business days. The CSL strongly recommends that WVU volunteers sign in and out at your site to help provide accurate records of their service (you may download a copy below).
  • Partners may be asked to participate in student grading for some courses. We regard supervising personnel with our community partners as “community faculty” and want you to know that your evaluation of student performance, attitude, and attendance can potentially play an integral part in the student’s semester grade.
  • Some parts of the partnership process require submission of grades and contracts by particular due dates as the academic calendar at WVU dictates much of the student project and participation schedules. Please adhere to due dates.
  • Partners will be asked to complete a Memorandum of Understanding before entering into official partnership with the CSL (download link below).

Helpful Resources

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Please contact Program Coordinator, Catherine Whitworth by email at or by phone at 304-293-8347. She is happy to visit you at your office or facility to help you learn more about the benefits of partnership with West Virginia University’s Center for Service and Learning.

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