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West Virginia University is committed to building our communities. We know how important it is for our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom, and we strive to offer innovative teaching and learning opportunities.  What matters most is that we do so in a way that helps meet the critical challenges faced our state and our residents. Community, campus, faith-based, and governmental organizations in West Virginia and the surrounding region are at the front lines of meeting these challenges and with your partnership, we can address our state's most critical priorities.

Through the CommUNITY Partner Program at the Center for Service and Learning, WVU facilitates connections to organizations that meet community needs through meaningful and intentional service. We guide and support service-learning experiences and volunteer opportunities that produce mutually beneficial interactions for emerging professionals and communities alike. WVU Campus units supporting student learning and serving communities are encouraged to join us as official Campus Partners. 

Connect with the Center for Service and Learning