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New Student Orientation

Welcome to your Community!

WVU and the surrounding communities are leaders in community engaged learning. Together as a team, our nonprofits, small businesses, and local social/service clubs support an atmosphere of hands-on learning through supporting real community initiatives. We will help you find "S" designated service-learning courses that allow you to learn in the community, do volunteer work, start a social action project, and participate in civic action to build a better tomorrow.

     Benefits for getting involved in the                  WV community while at WVU

  1. Continue or create change in a passion area you have!
        Want to save unwanted pets? Interested in helping kids learn? Want to support clean water for our local         fish? Enjoy spending time with seniors?  YOU CAN DO THAT ALL HERE!
    2.  Build your power skills!  
         Practice communication, organization, dependability, motivation, creativity and commitment.
    3.  NETWORK for your future! 
          Meet some of the movers and shakers in our community and state. Get support, references and helpful         advice to make your move toward a successful career.

    4.  Health benefits!
          Physical activity, self-care, and the feeling of helping others are essential pieces of your journey at WVU.

    iServe - Do good Be Better Go First

    iServe is the online portal that helps students find service opportunities, connect with community organizations and record service hours. iServe encourages a culture of action through service, and helps find needs that meet your interests. We are proud to offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities to choose from that are true identified needs from our community. Whether your motivation is building resumes, adding to applications, major requirements, developing self-awareness or just for fun, iServe provides a centralized place for volunteer opportunities.  

    To create your personalized account (your student login is already active), search for opportunities, and register to participate, visit iServe at

    Social Action Clinic

    We are also here to support you in completing your ultimate social action project! Want to start a nonprofit?  Trying to build sustainable projects? Have a BIG IDEA?  Come see us!

                              We have something for everyone!

    We have over 200 community partners that are here for you to help make serving your community a breeze! We can find a place for every student to share their strength and find opportunities to grow!

    Check them out now!

    Connect with the Center for Service and Learning