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Volunteer FAQ

Contact us with specific questions at or by calling 304-293-8761.

What is iServe?

iServe is WVU’s free web-based system for matching students, faculty and staff with the various needs and interests of community organizations for mutually beneficial service experiences.

iServe has been recently redesigned to provide a fun and easy-to-use interface for users. The system is completely mobile responsive and works on any smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

Who uses iServe?

iServe is available for WVU Faculty, Staff, and Students. Most can logon using their WVU Login, however; some need to access the system by signing-up. Please see below for more information and feel free to contact us if you have any trouble.

  • All WVU Faculty and Staff (including Main Campus, Health Sciences Center, WVU Research Corps, Potomac State College, and WVU Institute of Technology) can access iServe using WVU Login.
  • WVU Foundation, University Health Associates, and some WVU Medicine employees should sign-up for an account if your WVU Login does not work. We will be adding more employees to the system in the future.
  • WVU Alumni should sign-up for an account unless you have kept your WVU MIX up to date and still have access using your WVU Login.
  • Community Members Managing an iServe Account will sign-up when registering their organization and will have a user account by default.
  • WVU Courtesy Employees need to sign-up the first time they use the system, but if you use your WVU email account, you can then logon with your WVU Login.

Can I be both a WVU user as well as an agency manager for an organization outside of WVU?

Yes! But, we recommend that you have two separate accounts: one as a WVU user (that uses your WVU Login) and one that uses a personal or organizational email to manage that outside organization’s information in iServe.

How do I get started using iServe?

Activate your account and complete your profile registration. Here’s how:
  • Visit
  • Click the blue LOGIN button at the top of the page to log on with your WVU Login user name and password.
  • You’ll be prompted to complete your profile.
  • Choose Causes (related to organizations) and Interests (related to volunteer needs) that fit you best.
  • Complete the other registration fields. Don’t forget to upload your photo!

Note: At any time you can view/edit your profile by visiting the icon with your photo at the top right corner of the site.

Can I change my email address in the system?

While users may change their email address, we strongly advise WVU volunteers against changing their email address.

iServe uses WVU Login, and changing your email address will negatively affect your ability to access the system.

How do I find service opportunities?

Once you’ve finished creating your profile, you can begin to browse or search for service opportunities.

Service opportunities are called Needs in iServe. You can access available volunteer Needs by clicking the link in the left navigation bar. You can:

  • Sort existing Needs by clicking the “Sort By” field.
  • Search for Needs using filters, such as Organization, Date, etc.
  • Search for Needs using iServe’s calendar feature. Click the small gray calendar icon from the top of the page to see future volunteer needs and announcements.

My student organization/group of friends wants to participate as a ‘team,’ does iServe facilitate this?

YES! One of the new iServe features we’re excited about is the ability for groups to sign up for service opportunities and events as a ‘team,’ while still allowing each member to individually track their hours.

You can create the team and decide if you’re just managing the team or will also be a volunteer.

To create a team, type in the WVU MIX email for each member, and you should see the correct name auto-populate into the box. (NOTE: If you don’t see a name, you’ve typed the email incorrectly). Team members will get a notification after you add them to the need.

My service hours have not been approved, whom do I contact?

The CS&L expects all organizations hosting WVU volunteers to approve hours within five business days.

If you have pending hours beyond the fifth day and need approval, you should contact the organization you volunteered with first (you can easily access their info in iServe). If you have trouble reaching the organization or need further assistance, contact the CS&L.

I tracked my service hours, but they were declined. Do I need to resubmit?

Yes. You will need to resubmit your service hours. Contact the approving organization if you have questions about why a request was declined.

I am completing service hours mandated by WVU Student Conduct of Residence Life. Are there additional steps and requirements for this service?

Any student with hours assigned by these units at WVU will receive an email communication to his/her MIX account from the case worker who assigned them. There will be specific instructions in this email.

We will have more detailed information available soon. In the meantime, please contact us with questions.

I’d like to do service with an organization not already listed in iServe—is this okay?

Yes. However, there is a specific process for volunteering with an organization not listed in iServe. (We will have more information about this soon.)

What is the process for serving with an organization not already listed in iServe?

While WVU encourages all student volunteers to seek out volunteer opportunities with local organizations (more than 160 community and campus partners are available), we are working on a process for completing hours with an organization not listed (e.g. in your hometown). Please contact us if you have questions.

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