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Organization FAQ

Contact us with specific questions at or by calling 304-293-8761.

What is iServe?

iServe is WVU’s free web-based system for matching students, faculty and staff with the various needs and interests of community organizations for mutually beneficial service experiences.

iServe has been recently redesigned to provide a fun and easy-to-use interface for users. The system is completely mobile responsive and works on any smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

Who uses iServe?

  • Current WVU students, faculty and staff (via WVU Login)
  • WVU Alumni and Affiliate Employees
  • Community Members Managing an iServe Account

Can I be both a WVU user as well as an agency manager for an organization outside of WVU?

Yes! But, we recommend that you have two separate accounts: one as a WVU user (that uses your WVU Login) and one that uses a personal or organizational email to manage that outside organization’s information in iServe.

How do I get started using iServe?

New organizations will need to register their accounts at

Once you have completed registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email notifying you that the Center for Service and Learning has received your organization’s application to use iServe.

After the CSL approves your registration, you’ll receive an additional email that includes information for account managers to sign up for a free training webinar. The webinar provides an overview of managing your account, creating needs and how volunteers use the system. We recommend this training for all new organization managers. You can also check out our iServe tutorial videos for organizations” on our YouTube channel.

Once you have completed registration and your organization has been approved, you can get started posting your needs!

New Guide!  iServe Instructions for Organization Managers 

How do I post a new Need?

To post a new need for volunteers, follow the simple steps below:
  1. Log into iServe and go to the agency manager area by clicking the “Manage Org” button at the top of your screen.
  2. Click “Volunteer Needs” to open the need-posting form.
  3. Click “Add New Volunteer Need” to open the “Create Need” form.
  4. Complete the fields in the “Create Volunteer Need” form.
  5. Once you’ve filled out the form, click “Create Volunteer Need.”

What are the differences between a Need, an Announcement and an Advanced Event?

Needs are specific volunteer opportunities available to the WVU community.

Announcements are a place for organizations to promote themselves or their events. Announcements will be visible to all users and can include a link to a corresponding volunteer Need; they will also appear on the iServe calendar.

Advanced Events are used by the CS&L for coordinating large or complex service events that include opportunities hosted by partner organizations. For more information about Advanced Events, please contact the iServe team.

Where do I approve volunteer hours?

Once a volunteer has submitted hours for approval, they will appear in the organization manager view under Time Tracking. Here you will have the option to approve, decline or leave pending. Once you have approved or declined the hours, they will be viewable under Stats.

A volunteer submitted the incorrect number of hours, can I adjust them?

No. In the new version of iServe, an approver cannot adjust hours. At your discretion you may choose to leave hours as “pending” and contact the volunteer to let them know the entry is incorrect. Once hours have been declined, the volunteer must resubmit the hours, they cannot edit the original request.

How do I get in contact with the iServe team at WVU?

The CS&L’s iServe Administrator is Andrew Facemire. You can reach him via email or at 304-293-8346.

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