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What We Do

We focus on service-related scholarship, engagement and community development.


We strive to provide opportunities to advance knowledge of civic engagement in higher education. Through academic grants, professional development, promotion of national publications and community based research we provide avenues for faculty, staff, students and the community to enhance higher learning.

Curriculum Development and Integration

Provide one-on-one or departmental course support in developing civic engagement courses. Through extensive knowledge of civic engagement theory and service-learning pedagogy, we enhance faculty development and innovative learning.

Faculty Grants

We provide grants that provide incentive for faculty service initiatives. CSL grants assist faculty by ensuring support for community learning. The availability varies.

Community-Based Research

The CSL provides opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to participate in community based research.


Development of meaningful and diverse community involvement is a focus of the CSL. Students, faculty and staff are given a range of experiences in order to match learning outcomes and interest.

From curricular learning (service learning) to co-curricular activities (volunteerism) the staff at the CSL provides support and guidance that will maximize the civic experience.

Co-Curricular Volunteerism

Opportunities for students to get into the community, grow as rising professionals and provide much needed assistance without receiving pay or academic credit.

Curricular Engagement

Service-Learning courses provide students with an opportunity to experience learning through hands-on activities, reflection and connections to discipline.

Special Events

The CSL provides opportunities for students to participate in engagement events throughout the year.


With more than 200 current community and campus partners, our Community Partner Program recognizes the need for a fully integrated relationship between the local community and West Virginia University.

Through professional development and targeted guidance, we assist the community in their roles as essential co-educators. Through this program we assess community need and support the partners in integrating volunteer needs into academic learning experiences. The CSL recognizes both on campus and off campus community partnerships.

Centralized Contact for Nonprofits, Public Agencies, and Social Entrepreneurships

We provide one central clearing house for agencies to connect to WVU. We strive to make partnering with WVU students and faculty as effortless as possible.

Campus-wide Promotion

The CSL serves as a conduit to publish announcements, recruit board members, and promote upcoming events across the WVU campus.

Professional Staff

The CSL staff is knowledgeable in all areas of community development and stays abreast of all trends and happenings in the field of civic engagement in higher education. We can assist you with articulating your community needs.

Connect with the Center for Service and Learning