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Service-Learning Resources

Service-learning courses are unique and need to be tailored individually. The resources below can be helpful when designing new courses or to support current courses. To discuss your specific course, please contact our academic community engagement coordinator at 304-293-8761 or

Planning Resources

Course Tools available through CSL


iServe is our online volunteer management database that can be customized for use in your service-learning course.

Service-learning teaching assistant

Get a service-learning teaching assistant to help coordinate service project, assist with reflection and provide additional support.

Service-Learning Contract

The service-learning contract is used to ensure students and community partners both have clear expectations of the scope and outcome of the service project. It also ensures that the project is connected to student learning outcomes as laid out in the syllabus. The contract is individually tailored for each course and completed electronically. The link above provides an example.

Service-Learning Evaluation

The evaluation is completed electronically by community partners to provide faculty with feedback about students’ performance. The link above provides an example.

Communication Tips

Communication tips to help students interact with community organizations.

Partner exploration questions

Partner exploration questions can be used to guide students in voicing choice about their service-learning project.


We have official partnerships with over 150 community organizations as well as a wide range of campus programs through our campus and community partner program. We work continuously to expand and strengthen this program. Learn more about our community and campus partnership programs.

Faculty Guidelines for reciprocal community partner relationships

External Research and Tools

Connect with the Center for Service and Learning