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Whether you are a new faculty member at WVU or a tenured member, we can help you to incorporate pedagogically appropriate learning goals and measurable outcomes through academically sound service-learning. Our community partner program ensures that your students will be guided and supervised by professionals in the field who have been trained to work with our students. While many civic engagement opportunities can be employed, we’ll work with you to determine which of these may be the most appropriate for what you are trying to achieve with your students. 

There are multiple ways to partner with the CSL:

  • Consulting: For any civic engagement outreach, including service-learning, volunteerism, political activity, or civic internships, you can utilize the CSL for assistance in solidifying syllabi, writing or obtaining shared grants, partnerships, or student learning outcomes.
  • S Designation: If you teach a service-learning course, submit your syllabus for S Designation to ensure your class is properly tracked for our Carnegie Community Engagement Classification and we can provide any necessary support.
  • Reporting: For assessment and accountability purposes, you can report your community placement locations. This reporting will include basic number of students, location, types of activities, and hours spent on-site. This type of collaboration requires no further relationship other than basic reporting of students’ off-campus placements in order to have them housed in a central repository each semester.
  • Direct Placement: For service-learning courses, you can utilize the CSL as the placement conduit. The CSL can recruit specific projects from our community partners that will meet your learning objectives. A CSL staff member can attend your course lecture in order to place students at pre-approved, pre-determined sites with community project supervision.

For more information contact Lindsey Rinehart, Academic Service-Learning Coordinator at or 304-293-8762.

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