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Million Hour Match

The Million Hour Match is a collaborative initiative between West Virginia University, Volunteer WV, and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). WVU students invite West Virginia residents to match them in completing one million hours of community service, for a total of two million hours to inspire learning and promote civic engagement. This initiative strengthens WVU’s commitment to connect available resources to citizens and communities throughout the state. In doing so, students have the opportunity to better realize the importance of civic engagement, as well as make a significant impact in creating a more sustainable economic and cultured environment for all of West Virginia. (Goal 5 of the 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future)

  • The estimated value of volunteer time in 2013 was $22.55 per hour. The Million Hour Match would engage WVU students and WV residents in two million hours of community service, with an estimated worth of $45,100,000. ( The million hours of learning gained by students through service is priceless.
  • Volunteering is a solid pathway to employment. Students, as well as residents that have been out of work, have higher odds of finding a job than non-volunteers. In addition to improving outcomes for West Virginia citizens and communities, volunteers can improve their own lives by gaining skills, experience, and contacts that can be helpful in finding employment.
  • iServe ( is WVU’s online service management system, and is the only system of its kind in the state. Launched in August of 2011, it has tracked, recorded, and verified 189,212 service hours for over 8,000 students. This initiative will encourage all service hours completed through WVU to be tracked with iServe, positively impacting WVU’s continued eligibility for the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification, an honor only held by 6% of all universities nationwide.
  • By leading this initiative, WVU would be the first public institution to make this kind of commitment to its state and residents. WVU has the opportunity to develop a sustainable model that will revolutionize campus-community connections, paving the way for unprecedented growth and opportunity for West Virginia.

Charge: The Million Hour Match will provide WVU the opportunity to extend the talent and knowledge resources of our institution to the process of community problem solving, moving us toward deeper, transformational learning inherent in campus-community partnerships. This initiative will also strengthen the relationship between WVU and other key players in the state to create a sustainable model for volunteering and service-learning that will leverage the University’s expertise to become a nationally sought-after resource.

To Get Involved


WVU Students, Alumni, Faculty & Staff are encouraged to report their hours using iServe, WVU’s online volunteer management system. After creating an account, you can easily search and sign up for service opportunities! Make sure to log back on after completing your service to report your hours!

For more information: please contact Andrew Facemire at or at 304-293-8346

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