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Community Partnership Program

West Virginia University is committed to building our communities. We know how important it is for our students to have real-world experiences beyond the classroom, and we strive to offer innovative teaching and learning opportunities, but what matters most is that we do so in a way that helps meet the critical challenges faced our state and our residents. Community, faith-based, and governmental organizations in West Virginia and the surrounding region are at the front lines of meeting these challenges and with your partnership, no disparity is impossible to overcome.

Through the Partner Program at the Center for Service and Learning, WVU facilitates connection to organizations that meet community needs through meaningful and impactful service. We strategically guide the development of service-learning projects and volunteer opportunities to produce mutually beneficial interactions that are transformational for emerging professionals and communities alike.

What does the Partner Program provide for community organizations?

The CS&L strives to connect WVU volunteers to needs in our community, and so local organizations or programs not participating in the full partner program can use our iServe system (eligibility requirements apply—click here to learn more about approved service activities). If you’d like to read more about iServe or register your organization, visit our FAQ page here.

Official Community and Campus Partners with the CS&L also benefit from academic service-learning placements; priority for large group Day of Service projects; listing and link from the CS&L website; and priority support and promotion on campus.

What’s required to be part of WVU’s Partner Program?

Next Steps

Check out our lists of official Community and Campus Partners here. If your organization isn’t listed yet, you should contact us! Catherine Whitworth, our community partner program coordinator, is happy to talk with you about the program and how your organization’s needs can best be met through partnership.

Contact Catherine by email at or by phone at 304-293-8347.

Helpful Resources

Current Partner Testimonials

“I want to say I am please with the quality of the groups In Touch and Concerned has this semester. All the students have been knowledgeable about their projects before we had our first meeting. The follow up so far has been fantastic and I can’t wait for the final products!”
Lisa Maxey, In Touch and Concerned

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