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Service Designation

Apply for Designation

Academic courses that incorporate civic engagement pedagogy may be designated in the schedule of courses as having a service component. This designation will signify that the course uses a civic engagement or service-learning (service) component to reach intended learning outcomes. In addition to relating theory to practice, this service enhances our students’ sense of citizenry in a democratic society.

There will be two levels of the designation. Any course which requires or allows civic engagement (i.e. volunteering, public service, campaigning, etc.) will be given the “S” designation. The courses which use the pedagogy of service-learning will receive the “S” designation and be listed on our website as SL. This distinction will allow for all courses with a service component to be recognized and accounted for; additionally, we can make a clear distinction for assessment

The “S” course must meet the following criteria:

In order to be categorized as a Service-Learning course, the class must also meet the following criteria:

Submission Process

1. Submit the Service Course Designation Application using Qualtrics: S Designation Application

2. Include an electronic version of a course syllabus that incorporates and addresses all service criteria listed above.

3. Proposals must be submitted to the Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Advisory Committee in a timely manner for inclusion in the official schedule (dates are listed below).


Applications are welcomed at any time, however if you would like your course to be designated in time for registration, please adhere to the deadlines below.

Further Information

For more details see our S Designation Info Sheet

If you would like representatives from the CSL to provide you or your unit Service-Learning or Civic Engagement development sessions, please contact Lindsey Rinehart at

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