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The Collaborative @ WVU

The VISTA Collaborative at West Virginia University (WVU) is leading the way in developing higher education as a hub for the AmeriCorps VISTA program. In accordance with our land-grant mission, we are striving to develop targeted, unique collaborations that leverage resources within the university to connect stakeholders and ultimately improve outcomes in the community. Through collective impact, these collaborations will create a larger, more sustainable impact on poverty in West Virginia. The VISTA Collaborative is currently comprised of focus areas that address areas of opportunity within our community. The focus areas change with each new program and they represent the diversity in higher education.

"WVU is providing a wonderful resource to both current and graduating students as the AmeriCorps program provides wonderful opportunities in career development and national service. With increased promotion and visibility on campus, The Collaborative at WVU will actively support and recruit members to serve their country!"                                                -Dr. Kristi Wood-Turner, CSL Director 

The CSL is currently accepting requests for host-sites, and will have available positions listed soon! 

Is VISTA for you?

This VISTA project seeks to enhance effective partnerships between WVU’s Center for Service and Learning (CSL), faculty, and community organizations (with a special emphasis on the CNCS priority area of education) to improve the impact of working with local partners to best serve communities. The VISTA Collaborative will allow the CSL and WVU to provide our community with support, capacity building, innovation and connections that will increase human resource capacity of social service organizations and contribute to the alleviation of poverty. The mission of this VISTA program would be to assist in developing unique, targeted collaborations that will allow the agencies that serve low income persons to share resources and team up to make a larger, more sustainable impact on poverty in WV. By building collaborations (pods) the VISTA is also building a permanent bridge between agencies to WVU students

Program Details:

The AmeriCorps VISTA will focus on building connections between units and community agencies that serve our students. Each VISTA member will create an innovative partnership toward a focused goal of community building. 

If you are affiliated with a WVU unit interested in hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member, please contact Dr. Kristi Wood-Turner at

If you are interested in the AmeriCorps program and/or becoming a VISTA member, please contact Leah Cunningham at

Please visit to learn about the benefits of a VISTA year, and apply today! 


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