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Kristi Wood-Turner, Ed.D.


Dr. Wood-Turner is the Director for the West Virginia University Center for Service and Learning. She received her Doctorate in the field of Educational Leadership Studies at WVU with a focus in Higher Education Administration. She has a Master of Arts in Applied Social Research and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

As Director of the Center for Service and Learning (CS&L), Dr. Wood-Turner assists in the oversight of the Center and our initiatives. A fundamental role as Director of the CS&L is the implementation of academically sound research in the field of Service-Learning in Higher Education. Currently, she is exploring the relationship between service-learning and retention, and the impact of community partner connections. Additionally, she supports creation of learning opportunities through community outreach, community and faculty partnership building and consultation with faculty on service-learning curriculum.

Dr. Wood-Turner uses her experiences as Resident Faculty Leader (Boreman) and Instructor for SOCA 101 to connect faculty, students and community agencies in order to gain equal benefits and enhance learning. Understanding the needs of the community and linking theory to practice gives students meaning and motivation toward life-long learning. Our mission is to provide the most effective and successful learning opportunities for future Mountaineers!


Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership Studies
West Virginia University, May 2011

Research interests: student development, civic engagement, at risk populations, retention. Dissertation title: The Pinnacle of Undergraduate Education: Do capstone courses support the development of purpose and integrity?

Master of Arts, Sociology, Applied Social Research
West Virginia University, December 2002

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
West Virginia University, May 2000

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